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List of figures or illustrations You will need to include a List of figures, a List of illustrations or even both if your dissertation has the following items: Academic style - can you 'spot' it? Some dissertations have a reference list, some have a bibliography, some have both.

Identifying good reflective writing Report Sections Recognise the limits game Identify well-written essay titles Do you know about Topic Sentences? All forms of plagiarism will be taken seriously - deliberate or not! What's the meaning of linking expressions? If you presented your literature survey separately, you would have referred to some aspects of that reading in your introduction your statement of the problem.

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What, in your conclusion, did your research show in relation to your aims? Preamble The preamble is everything between the Title page and the Introduction: Aim to complete chapter one. Example references page A Reference list:

Notice that the template title page shows through the picture of the cover. Not every dissertation proposal contains a Literature survey. Dissertation template solent Scope and constraints Set the boundaries clearly in this section. Example appendices page Remember:

Make sure you are familiar with these by looking at the links on this webpage:. Dissertation proposals What are the essential elements to a good dissertation proposal? When labelling, number these separately Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. Dissertation template solent Academic style - can you 'spot' it? More help If you'd like some more help with dissertation proposals and writing dissertations you can:

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This section will be researched over the summer break as time permits. Notice that the template title page shows through the picture of the cover. essay write website television the liberal educator Check what is the normal practice in your discipline.

Obtaining technical translation of these documents may prove difficult due to financial constraints. You should give suggested chapters headings and one or two paragraphs about the proposed content. essay writing service usa engineering Ask your supervisor, and look at past papers in your subject to find out which one to use.

You can get a copy of this from your Unit page, or visit Successful Online Submission. Position the window carefully in the centre of the page. custom essays essay help guides Your School should provide you with a standard Solent University dissertation cover. Professional binding For advice and guidance, email the university's Print Centre at print.

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Example of contents page PDF opens in new window. Acknowledgements usually come on the first page after the title page although some people put it after the abstract. Dissertation template solent Aims are statements of intent, written in broad terms. Plagiarism can also result from not referencing correctly. What sections go into a dissertation?

Tuesday, 25 September , 2: You will need to include a List of figures, a List of illustrations or even both if your dissertation has the following items:. The reference list at the end of your work demonstrates the depth of your research.

What's the meaning of linking expressions? Check whether to include this seperately or not with your department or tutor. It is important to explain what research methods you used to collect your info. Dissertation template solent Have you checked the layout?

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