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If you have trouble getting it through, use a toothpick or pen to make a tiny hole first. Help answer questions Learn more. freedom writers full movie online free megavideo Click here to share your story.

Full-size oil-paper umbrellas are a traditional part of many Asian cultures. Create umbrella handles from your pipe cleaners. dissertation geschichte online Make sure the decorated side of your paper is facing out. Cut out the circle with the pinking shears or scallop scissors, so the edges of your umbrella will have a design. Draw whatever designs you'd like on them.

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Using a coaster or the bottom of a glass tumbler as a guide, trace non-overlapping circles onto the undecorated side of your paper. Traditional Fan Quilt Block. Help with paper umbrella Stewart ] Wooden skewers Craft glue , pencil, tape.

Fold the liners down in the position you'd like them to set in. Matching the decorations to the theme is great if you're making these for a party. Help with paper umbrella Thanks for letting us know. Did this article help you? However, thinner paper like printer or origami paper or thicker paper like cardstock can also work.

Thanks for letting us know. Did this article help you? Fold one panel under the other.

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You can make a larger paper umbrella by using a larger sheet of paper and a wooden dowel that is larger and stronger. Cut out each circle using your scissors. custom writing essay esl Decorative patterned paper and stationary will look great. You now have a paper umbrella that you can use as decoration or as a toy.

Take each cupcake liner and fold it in half with the side you would like to be visible usually the bottom of the liner on the outside. This step is necessary to create an umbrella that holds its shape. best essay service help promo code You will need sturdy paper, wooden skewers, clear tape, scissors, and a writing utensil. Glue the umbrella pieces together and wait for them to dry.

If you would like to decorate plain cupcake liners, draw on them first before doing anything else. Do this for each of your paper circles. edexcel coursework timetable 2017 Pierce the nose with a wooden skewer from inside the cone. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. The outside of the wrapper will be the most visible part of your "umbrella.

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You will need cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, craft glue, and scissors. Allow the end of the skewer to poke through the top. Help with paper umbrella Cut out and remove this thin wedge [source: Using your scissors, cut out a small almond shape from the edge of each of the 16 wedges.

Do this for each of your paper circles. The outside of the wrapper will be the most visible part of your "umbrella. Help with paper umbrella Tissue paper, however, is much too thin.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 74, times. Help with paper umbrella Trace out one circle for each umbrella you plan on making.

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